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RO Plants in Coimbatore that treat efficiently common feed water contaminants

If you run an industry with heavy-duty equipment and machinery that requires water for cooling or any other process then you will need to be aware of the risk of your machine becoming infected or damaged due to contaminants present in water.To equip you against this difficulty in the best way possible Prime Aqua Tech, a pioneer in RO plant manufacturers in Coimbatore provide you advanced water treatment that both filters and prevent such mishaps from forming.

Prime Aqua Tech is a RO plant dealers in Coimbatore who over the years have perfected the method of treating waste water and help industries prevent their machinery from breaking down. Water contamination arises due to inadequate water monitoring for years. Minute metal flakes, microbes and dangerous liquid chemicals can all cause short and long-term illnesseses. Unlike common, annoying, yet minor mechanical problems such as limescale build-up, some serious contaminations run the risk of causing cancer, disability. As a reputed water purifier manufacturers in Coimbatore, we have been successful in preventing such situations in industrial environments. Here are four of the worst feed water contaminations that you should watch out for.

Bacterial Infections:

Harmful bacteria can be found in feed water and these can cause illnesses, fatigue and nausea to people who work in these conditions. But RO water plant treats your feed water and eliminates harmful microbes, making it safe for work. Bacteria can be eliminated when heated to 60-degree Celsius or when treated chemically. RO water treatment plant in Coimbatore does this process both in a seamless and efficient manner.


In water treatment, chlorine is typically applied in diluted quantities at the feed water source to clean out any microbes. Chloramine on the other hand is a similar chemical commonly used by municipal water treatment organisations. It tends to generate few side-effects in humans when used. Amongst industrial RO water treatment plant in Coimbatore Prime Aqua Tech implements this advancement to produce satisfying results.


Flaking, melted, ageing or damaged lead pipes can infuse toxic materials in the water they carry. When used in washing or rinsing it can damage certain industrial products. Lead exposure has been linked to cancer, heart failure, brain damage and blood poisoning. Trace quantities of lead can build up to toxic quantities since the water is used and recycled in a closed system. Asides from providing water treatment solution for industries Prime Aqua Tech is a renowned for giving solutions through RO plant for apartment in Coimbatore.

Chromium 6:

Industrial sites are a common source of Chromium 6 cross-contamination. Either through accidentally entering groundwater or closed systems, it can travel into water supplies as well as feed water and wastewater lines. Prime Aqua Tech’s RO water treatment equipment specializes in eliminating these harmful contaminants effectively. Unsafe wastewater outlets are a common source of chromium contamination. As a well-known RO water plant manufacturers in Coimbatore we strive in assisting industries from preventing their machineries from harmful contaminants.

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