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Reverse OSMOSIS plant/Mineral Water plant

We are very strong in designing RO Plants using world class membrane technology with effective coming up with code to get rid of dissolved solids. we've got models starting from 10Iph to 50m^3/hr. Reverse diffusion (RO) could be a water purification technology that uses a tissue layer to get rid of ions, molecules, and bigger particles from drinkable.

Sewage Treatment Plant

We provide the simplest Technologies with Innovative style in building a sturdy economical and purposeful standard temperature.Sewage treatment is that the method of removing contaminants from waste material, primarily from home waste material.

  • MBBR
  • SBR

Package Sewage Treatment Systems

Package Sewage could be a treatment method for waste matter to realize a definite degree of effluent quality by employing a sewage treatment plant with physical section separation to get rid of settleable solids and a organic process to get rid of dissolved and suspended organic compounds. once this type of treatment, the waste matter could also be referred to as as secondary-treated waste matter.

Effluent Treatment Plant

We Furnish all types of Industrial effluents with Latest technologies and products.

  • Dairy Waste
  • Sugar Mill, Fertilizer Plant Waste
  • Textile Mill Waste
  • Tannery Waste
  • Breweries and Distilleries
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Waste
  • Printing and Dyeing Waste

Ultra Filtration

We provide greatest UF System that build economical removal of organic, SDI, color mixture oxide, Colloidal, Iron. It is appropriate for pre treatment of Ro systems.UF is used for the removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water to provide potable water. it's been accustomed either replace existing secondary (coagulation, natural process, sedimentation) and tertiary filtration (sand filtration and chlorination) systems utilized in water treatment plants or as standalone systems in isolated regions with growing populations.

Bio Gas Plant

Biogas generally refers to a combination of various gases created by the breakdown of organic matter within the absence of gas. Biogas are often created from raw materials like agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, material, sewage, inexperienced waste or waste material. Biogas may be a renewable energy supply.

Softner Plant

We provide the best quality softeners in treating the hard water to soft water for domestic and industrial purpose.

1) Ion Exchange Process Softner

2) Magnetic Softner

3) 3M Softner

ZLF(Zero Liquid Discharge)

Zero liquid discharge is a process that is beneficial to industrial and municipal organizations as well as the environment because it saves money and no effluent, or discharge, is left over.

All Type Of Pumps And Motors

The pumping of water may be a basic and sensible technique, much more sensible than scooping it up with one's hands or lifting it during a hand-held bucket. this is often true whether or not the water is drawn from a recent supply, affected to a required location, purified, or used for irrigation, washing, or waste material treatment, or for evacuating water from Associate in Nursing undesirable location.

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